Paint Protection Film

Wrap & Paint Protection Film

What's all the hype about?

Paint Protection Film


Lasting Resistance

HydroResist™ top coat increases stain resistance and product longevity by limiting water and dirt accumulation on the film’s surface.



Repairing scratches is almost effortless; film self-heals using heat from a vehicle’s engine or the sun.


Protective Layer

Shield your paint against damage caused by rocks, salt, insects, and other road debris.


Certified Installers

SunTek dealers are trained and have access to the Core pattern-cutting software to help ensure the film is trimmed to tightly hug the curves of a vehicle.


10 Year Limited Warranty

The manufacturer warrants professionally sold and applied SunTek® Paint Protection Film Ultra series against cracking, bubbling or yellowing for a period of ten years from the date of purchase of the Product.


What Packages Do You Offer?

Partial Front End

Starting from $1000

    • Lower Quarter of Hood
    • Partial Fenders
    • Front Bumper
    • Lights
    • Mirrors (Front facing)

Full Front End

Starting from $1500

    • Full Hood
    • Full Front Fenders
    • Front Bumper
    • Lights
    • Mirrors (Front facing)

High Impact

Starting from $2000

    • Full Hood
    • Full Front Fenders
    • Front Bumper
    • Rocker Panels
    • A Pillars
    • Lights
    • Mirrors (Front facing)

Full Body Wrap

Starting from $4000

    • Full Hood
    • Fenders
    • Bumpers
    • Rocker Panels
    • Pillars
    • Roof
    • Trunk
    • Lights
    • Mirrors (Front facing)

Wear & Tear

Starting from $300

Protect paint behind door handles from ring and key scratches; help prevent damage to door edges; and protect trunk loading area against damage caused by luggage, golf clubs/bags, and other athletic gear.

  • Door Handle Cups
  • Door Edges
  • Trunk Loading Area

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it?

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a virtually invisible thin layer that safely adheres to your vehicle’s paint. It is designed to be the “sacrificial layer” against common road debris on your everyday drive.

What does it protect against?

Rock chips, scratches, swirls, and other environmental contaminants. PPF is the first line of defense that takes the initial blunt of the damage to give your paint a chance to remain unscathed. A vehicle’s paint can be detrimental to the resale value, so it’s always best to take care of the exterior any way you can. 

What do you mean “it heals itself”?

PPF has 2 layers: The first layer protects against any debris that would usually chip the paint. The second layer has the self healing polymers that reconfigure themselves when under heat to heal scratches and swirls.

Is it noticeable? 

It depends on the installer. Not all Paint Protection Film installation jobs are equal. Some vehicles require more custom fitting than others, and other jobs benefit more from pre-cut templates.

We recommend doing your research on an installer that you feel will do a great job at paying close attention to fine details. Look for a clean shop, bright lights, an installer that invests in a great plotter & tools, what type of film they use, a portfolio on their previous work, and a price point you are comfortable working with.

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