People You Can Trust

What Makes Us Different

We understand that you took time to come to our shop and we respect you doing business with us. That's why we want to invest our time in giving you the best quality service.


We educate our customers on the work we do. We've heard enough horror stories about people feeling pressured into spending money on services they didn't need. That won't happen with us. After our inspections, we use photos/videos to show you any repairs needed and why. We want to see our customers again - but only when it's completely necessary.


We are constantly improving our business to make your experience better. We use the best equipment to complete the job with high quality and in a timely manner. Our appointment system helps keep you updated on the repairs and assures that you get your vehicle back in a timely manner. We have an amazing reputation with our customers, and we intend to keep it that way.


We stand by our work. We’re not here to up-sell or use our expertise as an opportunity to take your money. Being able to help our customers is really rewarding, and we love it when they leave happy and thankful. We want to get rid of the stigma of the “dishonest mechanic``. We want to be known as the shop you can trust.

Who we are

This is Our Story

“It was all a dream”. Oliver and Paulo have always wanted to go into business for themselves. They both agreed that if they were going to be taken seriously, they would need a solid foundation in business and automotive. They both graduated from the British Columbia Institute of Technology and have spent 10+ years building their careers.

Paulo went into mechanics where he worked towards his title as a Journeyman and becoming Red Seal Certified, and Oliver worked in sales where he eventually went into business working for himself. The two decided to finally team up and launch in their home town Vancouver, B.C. as an Auto Shop, and in 2020, Roshie Automotive was born.